ContractorPlus - FAQs

Below you'll find answers to the most common questions regarding the integration of ContractorPlus into SafeContractor. The questions which are applicable to you will depend on which group you fall into. Please see below:

  • ContractorPlus member with accreditation audit in progress
  • ContractorPlus accredited member
  • ContractorPlus accredited member and current member of SafeContractor


Please see the most frequently asked questions relating to ContractorPlus below.

Q1. Why is ContractorPlus being integrated into SafeContractor?
A. Alcumus, the owner of ContractorPlus, recently acquired SafeContractor, the UK's fastest growing health and safety accreditation scheme with 26,000 members and a market-leading member benefits package.  

Q2. What are the major differences between ContractorPlus and SafeContractor?
A.There are no significant differences between the two schemes from a health and safety perspective - both are health and safety compliance audits with similar requirements and accreditation processes. The two schemes have been operating separately with different client bases but from the 4 October they will become a single scheme (SafeContractor). From a member benefits perspective SafeContractor offers a benefits package whereas ContractorPlus does not.

Q3. What will happen to the ContractorPlus brand?
A. The ContractorPlus brand will remain until the expiry of all existing certification. 

Q4. As a ContractorPlus member will I lose anything as a result of the two schemes integrating?
A. No, you won’t lose anything. In fact, you’ll gain because SafeContractor has a market-leading member benefits package that you’ll have access to from 4 October 2016.

Q5. Will I lose my ContractorPlus accreditation?
A. No, your ContractorPlus accreditation will remain valid under the SafeContractor scheme with your existing clients.

Q6. What do you mean when you say my ContractorPlus accreditation will remain valid?
A. It will be recognised by your clients until the expiry date of your ContractorPlus certificate.

Q7. When will I need to renew my accreditation?
A. If you’re ContractorPlus accredited, your renewal date is the day your ContractorPlus accreditation expires.
A. If you currently have both ContractorPlus accreditation and SafeContractor accreditation, it’s the SafeContractor renewal date that applies.

Q8. Where can I learn more about SafeContractor?
A. By visiting the SafeContractor website