CCTV & Fire Alarm Insurance

At Alcumus SafeContractor Insurance Service, we understand it is important to make sure that you and your company have adequate cover in place. As professionals involved in assessing clients fire or security risks, you will have an idea of how to best protect your business and know the work you carry out can also display risks of its own.

Poor advice that you give to your clients, or faulty products that you use within a property you’re working on can lead to legal liability claims and fees. You should make sure you are covered if any incident occurs to protect your business. Security and fire alarms are fitted to keep people’s homes and businesses safe, so it’s important that you install and maintain the correct products to fit the requirements.

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Does your insurance cover the following?

Public liability
Installing alarms and fire prevention systems doesn’t seem like the most hazardous job, but accidents do occur. If you were to install a fire alarm and you cut through the wrong wire, cutting the electricity or starting an electrical fire, then our public liability policy will cover the cost of compensation where you have caused accidental bodily injury or damage to the property. In situations where you are at fault for an accident, the cover will pay for the damages awarded and/or the repairs to the damaged property.

Employers liability
You are legally required to arrange employers liability cover when you are an employer. If one of your employees were to fall from height whilst installing fire alarms or CCTV cameras during their employment, and this was a result of your negligence, then our policy will protect your business from compensation claims of up to £10 million as standard.

Products liability
Security and fire protection is there to keep your clients safe, so it’s critical you make sure the products and equipment you use is sourced from a reputable supplier. If you were to install a faulty fire alarm system that triggered an electrical failure leading to a fire, resulting in damage to a third-party property or personal injuries, our insurance policy will pay the claim and recover the loss from the negligent party to give you peace of mind.

Professional indemnity
As a business you know everything you need to know about security and fire protection, including what systems should be used in certain buildings/areas. If you have designed a system that fails to work as it should in the event of a fire or is not up to the current regulatory expectations, our professional indemnity policy will cover you for any legal fees and compensation claims due to your negligence.

For a great number of businesses, work tools are crucial to daily activities. If your business is one of these, you will understand how much tools cost and the impact of them being lost or stolen. Many people spend years investing large amounts of money in buying the tools that they need, so replacing them all at once could be financially devastating. Making sure you have your tools covered will allow you to get back to work without the financial worry.

Contract works
If you’re working on a project and your work is damaged or destroyed as a result of insurable events including fires, floods, storms, vandalism or theft, then this policy can pay for the cost of repairing or redoing the work that you have already done. This includes the cost of labour, materials and tools needed to get the work back to the stage it was at before it was damaged.

Directors and officers
Directors and key managers (officers) can make mistakes and are often personally legally liable for them. The core purpose of a D&O policy is to provide financial protection for directors or key managers against legal costs and compensation. Claims can be made against directors and officers as a result of actual or alleged ‘wrongful acts’, such as breach of trust, neglect, or making errors and misleading statements when acting for their company. This policy will protect their personal assets should this go to court.

In a situation where you install a fire alarm for a client and a few months after installation a fire breaks out and that alarm did not activate (also referred to as failure to perform), or you install a security camera that fails to pick up a break in/burglary in action, you could be held responsible. Our efficacy policy will protect you against the legal liability for damage to a property or injury to a third-party when your product or service fails to perform its intended function.

Financial loss
When fitting fire alarms in a commercial building, if you were to cut through the wrong wire causing the electricity to cut out this will prevent your client from being able to trade from the premises at that point, causing a financial loss. We can cover you for this eventuality.


Terms and conditions
*£50 high-street voucher: Offer available to existing customers only who employ up to 15 people. Only one voucher per policy. A voucher code for will be issued 30-90 days after your policy inception date and you must make sure a valid email address is given on date of purchase. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. This offer is only available over the phone and we will not award if you cancel your policy within the first month. This offer expires 31st December 2017. SafeContractor Insurance Service reserves the right to withdraw or alter this promotion without prior notice at any time.

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