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The SSIP Forum was launched in May 2009 to act as an umbrella organisation to facilitate mutual recognition between health and safety prequalification schemes.  

The aims of SSIP are:

  • To reduce duplication bureaucracy by cutting down on unnecessary paperwork and bureaucracy at Stage 1 (Prequalification) procurement 
  • To improve health and safety compliance by promoting a single standard of health and safety assessment at Stage 1, that clients can rely on   
Since its launch, activity has consistently cut prequalification costs and bureaucracy in the supply chain. With the ever-present prospect of government legislation to reduce wasteful and excessive pre-qualification, SSIP is concentrating on making cross-recognition of member schemes as effective as possible, and continues to highlight the savings to the supply chain.

SafeContractor's SSIP Membership

As members of the SSIP, SafeContractor is committed to the reduction of bureaucracy and elimination of duplication of effort within prequalification. Together with the other 30 members of SSIP, we help both buyers and suppliers save millions of pounds each year.


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