SafeContractor release new accreditation portal

After significant investment, we're delighted to announce the release of our new accreditation portal, which will enable new and existing members to gain accreditation quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

We recognised that the previous accreditation process could be a long and arduous process. So, we've worked hard to create a simpler system to complete the SafeContractor accreditation process.

In the new accreditation portal, contractors only answer questions which are applicable to their work activities which reduces the time it takes to complete the SafeContractor accreditation questionnaire. That means you can get on with your day job!

The portal also guides you to important areas of a page to make sure you don't miss any key sections before submitting. And, throughout, you will also receive extra, in-depth advice on potentially difficult questions in the questionnaire.

Our new accreditation portal also allows you to:

  • Give us feedback about our customer service and auditing process
  • Order extra van stickers or another copy of your SafeContractor certificate
  • Watch our user guide video to explain how the accreditation portal works
  • Renew your accreditation quicker than ever before!


Post date: 12 Nov 2014

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