Health and safety nightmares

health and safety nightmares

We’re getting into the spirit (get it?) of Halloween here at SafeContractor, so we thought we’d try to give you a scare. Take a look at these health and safety nightmares that make us want to scream!

  • Unsuitable gear

Being properly dressed on site is a health and safety must. Check that all protective clothing and equipment are in working order on a regular basis. Ensure you put on the required protection before you enter the work site, and once on site keep it on at all times.

You should also make sure that all safety gear and protective clothing items are put on correctly. This is NOT how we recommend putting on a hard hat:

  • Carelessness when operating heavy equipment

Heavy equipment poses one of the biggest health and safety risks on site. If an operator doesn’t take due care and attention the consequences can be grave. Caution is always advised.

It should go without saying that heavy equipment should only ever be used for its intended purpose. If you think that sounds ridiculous, look how these guys use their heavy equipment…

  • General disregard for Health and Safety

You might be tempted to bypass health and safety to get the job done faster:

However, it only takes a small misjudgement for things to take a turn for the worse. Shortcuts may be tempting, but they can end up costing you money, your health, or even your life. 

By now we should have scared you out of any bad health and safety habits. Hopefully we've got our point across!


Happy Halloween!

Post date: 26 Oct 2016

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