Health and Safety Pop Quiz 2016


So, you’ve almost survived the first working week of the New Year! 

Now it’s time to take a break to complete our short health and safety pop quiz which includes top tips, facts and advice.

Why not share this quiz with your employees to improve their understanding of health and safety at work!

The questions....


  1. Who is responsible for health and safety in your workplace?

    A. The Health and Safety Officer

    B. Management

    C. Everyone

  2. How many injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences (RIDDOR) were reported to the HSE in 2014/15?

    A. 76,000

    B. 30,650

    C. 15,000

  3. At what daily or weekly average noise exposure level must employers provide hearing protection and hearing protection zones?

    A. 65 decibels

    B. 80 decibels

    C. 85 decibels

    D. 140 decibels

  4. What does the 'SAFE' acronym stand for?

  5. True or false, according to UK law, risk assessments must be recorded when less than five employees work for a company?


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Post date: 07 Jan 2016

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