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  1. C - Everyone.

    Everyone is responsible for ensuring their workplace is safe of hazards - even if you do not hold a managerial position. Encourage all members of staff to report hazards immediately to their line manager and/or Health & Safety Officer, who can instigate an action plan to mitigate the risks involved.

  2. A - 76,000.

    It’s easy to assume that accidents and fatalities won’t happen in your business, but you couldn’t be more wrong! Last year, the HSE’s UK Health and Safety Statistics reported 76,000 incidents involving employees under RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation), however, the HSE stress that non-fatal incidents are chronically under reported.

  3. C - 85 Decibels.

    According to The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005, employers must provide hearing protection and protection zones at 85 decibels. However, you must provide employees with information and training for noise pollution at 80 decibels. To put this into context, a quiet office measures around 45 decibels, a power drill at 85-95 decibels and at take-off, a jet engine measures 145 decibels.

  4. Spot the hazard, Assess the risk, Find a safer way, Everyday

    The SAFE acronym is a great way of reminding employees how to deal with risks to their health and safety in the working environment. Consider creating a poster promoting SAFE practice and locate it in high footfall areas such as the office kitchen, washrooms and breakout areas.

  5. False

    If you have fewer than 5 employees, legally you are not required to write a health and safety risk assessment. However, you must still be able to demonstrate an understanding of health and safety legislation and how it applies to your business. To put your mind at ease, we offer a risk assessment guidance note for businesses with 5 employees or less.

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Post date: 07 Jan 2016

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