Carpenters and Joiners Insurance

At Alcumus SafeContractor Insurance Service, we understand it is important to make sure that you and your company have adequate cover in place. Not all jobs seem the most hazardous but accidents do happen, so its important you have the right cover in place to help protect you from any claims that may occur. 

Major risks when it comes to carpenters and joiners include the build-up of sawdust, use of heavy machinery  and flying dust and splinters which can easily injure people. There is also a risk of loss of fingers/limbs when using high powered machines. It’s essential you have the correct cover to protect your business from any accidents that arise.

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Does your insurance cover the following?

Public liability
Generally, public liability is not a legal requirement, but it is there to protect you in the event of an injury claim or third-party damage. We never think the worst will happen to us, but any accident can occur. In this line of work that could be anything from a collection of sawdust catching fire to injuring a member of the public with a power tool. Our policy will cover the cost of compensation where you are alleged to have caused damage to a property or accidental bodily injury.

Employers liability
You are legally required to have employers liability cover if you are an employer. If an incident were to occur as a result of your negligence and your employee was left badly injured, for example, loss of fingers/limbs when struck by machinery, our policy protects your business from compensation claims of up to £10 million arising from any one incident.

Products liability
Whilst working on a job or project, if any product that you have designed, manufactured or supplied causes injury to a person or property (for example, if a client got a splinter in their hand that became infected) you could be held liable to pay any compensation, even if you didn’t manufacture the product.

Professional indemnity
If your company provides advice, designs or a professional service to clients, then you will need this cover. You could be held liable if anything were to go wrong as a result of faulty designs or incorrect advice, leaving you with the cost of repairs and any damage or injury caused. Mistakes can happen when running your business, and professional indemnity insurance will protect you from claims made by clients who have suffered a financial or professional loss due to your service. For example, if you were on a project creating new staircases and these were made with incorrect measurements causing contractual delays.

For a great number of businesses, work tools are crucial to daily activities. If your business is one of these, you will understand how much tools cost and the impact of them being lost or stolen. Many people spend years investing large amounts of money in buying the tools that they need, so replacing them all at once could be financially devastating. Making sure you have your tools covered will allow you to get back to work without the financial worry.

Contract works
If you’re working on a project and your work is damaged or destroyed as a result of insurable events such as fire, floods, storms, vandalism or theft, then this policy can pay for the cost of repairing or redoing the work that you have already done. This includes the cost of labour, materials and tools needed to get the work back to the stage it was at before it was damaged.

Legal expenses
Having Legal Expense insurance provides protection against costs that could arise from legal action placed against your company. Costs can arise from becoming involved in a civil claim dispute with an employee or client for damage to a property, or in the event an accident injures someone and your company is taken to court.

Directors and officers
Directors and key managers (officers) can make mistakes and are often personally legally liable for them. The core purpose of a D&O policy is to provide financial protection for directors or key managers against legal costs and compensation. Claims can be made against directors and officers as a result of actual or alleged ‘wrongful acts’, such as breach of trust, neglect, or making errors and misleading statements when acting for their company. This policy will protect their personal assets should this go to court.

Workshop or premises cover
If you own a commercial workshop it is advisable that you have adequate insurance in place. Whilst using fixed powered wood working machinery, a build-up of sawdust can be collected which could cause a fire to break out, possibly leading to the building catching alight. Having the correct insurance in place will cover you for damage caused and losses can be reimbursed. A standard tradesman insurance policy may not provide all the cover you need, so speak to one of our advisors who can help ensure you have all the right covers for your trade.

Terms and conditions

*£50 high-street voucher: Offer available to existing customers only who employ up to 15 people. Only one voucher per policy. A voucher code for will be issued 30-90 days after your policy inception date and you must make sure a valid email address is given on date of purchase. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. This offer is only available over the phone and we will not award if you cancel your policy within the first month. This offer expires 31st December 2017. SafeContractor Insurance Service reserves the right to withdraw or alter this promotion without prior notice at any time.

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